Nothing could burden the big moving day more than being without the supplies and tools needed to get the job done the right way. Avoid such a headache by making a list of the items that you need and double checking the list to ensure that you are prepared. What will you need to make moving day a success?


One of the most important items that you will need to move is boxes. Assorted moving boxes in st louis mo can be bought from a moving company. Choose a few extra boxes to ensure that there are enough of them on hand to suffice your needs.

Tape & Packing Supplies

Once the boxes are filled, tape and packing supplies are needed to secure them for the move. Don’t attempt to move boxes until they’re properly sealed and have packing material inside that keeps them from breaking. Packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and many other packing supply options are available.

Moving Equipment

Most people use a professional to assist with the move because they don’t own the moving equipment needed to do the job. However, if you prefer to buy the items and handle the job yourself, many items are available for purchase so that you can move without any help needed. This includes moving dollies, lifting straps, hand trucks, and more.

Final Thoughts

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When you’re getting ready to move, make sure that you are prepared and take a load off hassle off of an already stressful day. It is easy to forget things when you are stressed out with the move, so make that list and avoid that risk. The moving supplies above are among the many that you will need for a smooth, stress-free move make sure these items are on hand!